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Kia Ora koutou nau Mai welcome  to hori’s pledge. This is a warm welcome to the Dutch people and especially the people of zeeland as you are apart of this  kaupapa (subject) now “this is aotearoa “ – which is about acknowledging not only Aotearoa as original name of this country but also the historys of the Māori people and the way our knowledge systems and history worked – via whakapapa  – (geneology) we are  whenua (native people) of this land and we are not looking to change the name but to reinstate it back to Aotearoa and be officially acknowledged in our country.

AOTEAROA  – simply means “ land of the long white cloud” but there are many storys of the naming and it changes from iwi to iwi – tribe to tribe short version it started with kupe our greatest navigator and his wahine (partner there are many names for her one I grew up with was kuramarotini) who first sighted this land – in Māori  she spoke “ HE AO, HE AO , HE AOTEAROA  there is land, a world – land with a long white cloud . this and similar variations of this story are noted for hundreds and hundreds of years before abel came to these story’s – what we aim to do is tell this story – and explain that just because our people didn’t have a book to write it in doesn’t make in true. 

we had other ways we passed this knowledge down through waiata – song – karakia – prayer – moteatea – chants –

– we also had a visual language – so it is seen in our carvings that adored our whare – and our tukutuku panels that covered our meeting houses . Well before the colonisers arrived . And this is what I also fight for to be recognised but also understood by people – I use my art to bridge the gap between the worlds so they people see te ao Māori a Māori world view – and how beautiful it is .


this project all began 1 year ago after I saw a campaign “NEW ZEALAND NOT AOTEAROA” run by a group called hobson pledge – instead of doing what I would normally do and take a spray can to the billboards – I decided to sit and plan my own campaign to combat there racist and quite frankly ignorant views on our Māori people and our world .

The hobson pledge group aim is to continue the work of the coloniser by Keeping Māori  the native people of this land in line” They speak about advocating for equality and unity but they do not know what this looks like because they are blinded by privilege.

they say things like “It is through this knowledge and understanding that we can move forward as one” but they have no knowledge or understanding of our world.

they also speak about making “informed decisions based on understanding the truth” but the truth of the matter is they cant make an informed decision because they are very un-informed about a maori world view so again their kaupapa is flawed.

My focus is to bring more awareness in form of matauranga maori and our reo to the conversation. obviously i will do this in my own visual and creative way, this will aim to add a more Māori world view to this discussion.

the hobson whanau can not even fathom the depths in which our world goes.

What we have managed to do is a run a billboard and media campaign named “This is Aotearoa”  to combat the “New Zealand not Aotearoa campaign – and travel all around the north island and south to spread the awareness of this korero – the final part is now as I head to the Netherlands to take the word Zealand back to where it originated from.

So come for the ride whanau it’s been a hell of a trip and it’s only about to get spicier.

Kindest regards – Nga mihi nui,


Ps I’m an artist not a fucken writer so the grammar and spelling won’t be the best hahaha

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Hori's Pledge 'This is Aotearoa' - Te Ika a Māui Tour



Posters that have been translated to Zeelandish and Dutch for the third leg of this journey to Zeeland, in the Netherlands.

Hori's Pledge 'This is Aotearoa' - Te Ika a Māui Tour

This is Aotearoa

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This is Aotearoa - Te Ika a Māui tour

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