Kia Ora koutou and welcome to hori’s pledge. 

I’m glad you have come this far & I hope you can come a little further with me in my new challenge to give Hobson pledge a lesson in te reo maori but also matauranga maori. 

Hobson pledge is a group who’s aim is to continue the work of the coloniser by Keeping Māori “in line” They speak about advocating for equality and unity but they do not know what this looks like because they are blinded by privilege.

they say things like “It is through this knowledge and understanding that we can move forward as one” but they have no knowledge or understanding of our world. 

they also speak about making “informed decisions based on understanding the truth” but the truth of the matter is they cant make an informed decision because they are very un-informed about a maori world view so again their kaupapa is flawed. 

My focus is to bring more awareness in form of matauranga maori and our reo to the conversation. obviously i will do this in my own visual and creative way, this will aim to add a more Māori world view to this discussion. 

the hobson whanau can not even fathom the depths in which our world goes. 

what we are looking to do is a run a billboard and media campaign named “this is aotearoa”  to combat the “new zealand not aotearoa” campaign that they have been running the last few years. we are asking for koha donations to a go fund me page. once we have raised enough funds to purchase billboard space we will will let you know when and where to check it out. you can also make your own koha to support the kaupapa via our link below.

maori have had enough, i have had enough. Its time to set these people straight.

“this is aotearoa” 

Welcome to horis pledge.

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Hori's Pledge 'This is Aotearoa' - Te Ika a Māui Tour



Hori's Pledge - This is Aotearoa "Te Ika a Māui Tour"








Billboard design mockups.

Cooked as “Captain Cook”
HORIS PLEDGE - Abel Tasman

Support the kaupapa - This is Aotearoa

All raised funds go towards signage, billboards and digital media content. #thisisaotearoa